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Thread: i cant get along with my in laws

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    i cant get along with my in laws

    Slmz nanima. I've been married 5 years and although I stay on my own we visit my in laws every weekend.I've tried so hard to have patience but every week my mother and aunty in law make my life very difficult they constantly put me n my child down they often say my child doesn't like me and it hurts I do suffer from low self esteem therefore I've tried to change my way of thinking.They don't want me visiting my mother whose a widow and altho she cuks every sunday for her family she has told me dat if I don't cum she can go out to eat I've spoken to my husband as I felt that I can cook at home and eat n den go I also never go empty handed my husband ignored my requests and we kept goin. I'm also trying to run a home industry on sunday I raised my voice as my aunty in law was screaming at me trying to get my recipes I've given them one but I also feel that's wrong coz I'm try to run a business and it seems my aunty in law wants to take my clients away.They say I'm rude and I shoudnt cum there der is a lot of tension between my husband n I altho he sed we can eat at home from now on I feel terrible and don't know wat to do!

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    Angry Flip them and carry on with your life

    I am so sick of in laws and their constant demand for respect when they can't even respect you.

    I say keep them at an arms'length. don't go every weekend and PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN.

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    I agree. Inlaws can be a real pain. I stay with my inlaws. I'm married 1year. Not even 5months of being married the problems started. My sister in law is 16 and she trys to tell me what to do,she has no respect 4 me and her brother and trys to run our lives. I've gotten to the point where I tell them where to get off if they go over board.

    I'm 7months pregnant and my inlaws insist that I don't buy things that they have such as my sister in laws pram that's been sitting in the garage 4 over 10years. I refused as its my first baby and he will get everything new. I have already told them that I'm the mother and I Will say wHat does n what doesn't go when it comes to my child.

    My husband supports his parents financially but tHat Does NOT give them the ryt to run my life

    May allah make easy 4 us all

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    Angry In Laws can be horrible

    Sister, I know the pain you going through. Make Sabr and make tons of Dua'a that Allah make it easy for you.

    In-laws should know that respect is earned. i tolerate my in laws for the sake of it but they just down dam disrepectful and full of themselves. They feel that since seeing they are Alipur's - THEY ARE THE BEST! No one is like them and they know everything.

    It sickens me but i figure that in their twised and weird mind they think they are the best.

    Lets keep making Dua'a that they change, Aameen

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