Dear nanima, it saddens me to find out that there is no reliable muslim day care or muslim nannies available in the Roodepoort area. I am experiencing so many issues with my in laws looking after my baby and its come to ∂ point where ƪ just have to get an african domestic to come in and take care of my child. My in laws keep forgetting who my child's parents are and they keep disrespecting our wishes even going to the extent of taking my baby out without clearing it with me or what time they will bring her back. I just went to fetch my baby only to find out no ones home. They eventually dropped my baby off around 7pm.. An 8 month old baby.. When hubby phoned them to tell them this ϊϛ not on, they decide to get upset n say they are not at fault. Clearly they are forgetting who are the parents and who calls the shots.

If anyone can recomment ∂ nanny \ domestic in the roodepoort area, it would be much much appreciated.. ƪ would also appreciate some advice on how Ȕ wud personally handle this situaion with ur in laws and how would ƴƠű tell them they have crossed the line and this ϊϛ it.. ƪ am the mother and what ƪ say goes.