I married my husband because he ticked all the boxes was looking for. My istikharah was positive. He is a good husband and does his best. My problem, I never felt that bollywood feeling that Amitabh and Rekha, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol . For those who don't know who they are maybe the Halime Ertugrul Chemistry. I am sure most arranged marriages have similar issue. Maybe I am just hopeless romantic and my expectations are a fairy tale.
I have never felt attracted to my husband in that way. Our intimacy is suffering.
I am married for many years. We have children. He tries his best but I am not satisfied most of the time.
Intimacy is a huge chore. Our problem stems were are not emotionally intimate with each other. We lack communication with each other. We always end up arguing. My husband always seems busy with his work, his education, his hobbies and gives all this his full attention.

I am feeling very lonely in my marriage, bored and not satisfied. I always hear that the spark dies eventually. Can the spark even be lit in the first place if there is no spark at all?