Salam to all. My friend was married to a girl for around 2 years and they had a kid. Unfortunately the girl's mom used to interfere constantly in their marriage and eventually they got divorced. She was the one who asked for divorce. His parents and his family all loved her dearly and she was also very kind to all so it was very unexpected when they separated. Their kid had bronchitis and was admitted at the hospital. After discharge she said she needed to stay a few days at her parents house and he agreed, even though he was worried about his kid's health but he didn't want to upset her. She went but never came back. He truly loved her and waited around one year for her to change her mind but she didn't. Every time he tried to go to his in laws house and speak to his wife, her parents threw him out and didn't let him speak to her. They said she wanted the divorce. He went to jamaat for help to save his marriage and when some of the members went there they said the reasons for her asking for divorce was the most pathetic ever. She said she wanted divorce because he was too quiet and didnt speak much, which is a lie. He is a caring and nice person.. He was a God fearing muslim who prayed all his prayers in the mosque, a good husband, a good father, a great son in law ( who even used to sleep in his in laws house whenever they asked him to, when they traveled and didn't want to leave the house on its own), he never went out with his friends, in fact after marriage they only went out with her friends and their husbands, and most important he never cheated on her. So basically he did whatever he could to please her but it was never enough. He was too depressed when she left but one year later he decided that it was enough. He couldn't wait for someone who had proved that didn't love him and prefered to listen to her mother and friends. He decided to marry another girl. They got engaged and 2 days before the marriage, his ex sent a message through a mufti saying she was ready to come back. She even agreed to stay with him even if he married the second wife. But he refused saying it was too late and that he had lost all the love he had for her and didn't feel anything else for her because she had hurt him too much. Besides he had promised his future wife that he was already divorcing his first wife and couldn't go back on his word. He said he cried and waited for so long for her but she never listened and didn't even allow him to speak to her and his kid for one year. He had been so patient and kind hoping she would change her mind but she didn't. Anyways they got divorced and he married the other girl. Soon after, his ex also married her mother's relative and moved out of yhe country. But the problem is she didn't allow him or his family to see their child. In the beginning he wanted to keep the kid with him but his parents said that a child needs a mother more than a father so they advised him to let her keep the child. But then they realised she was being simply rude and didn't allow them to see the child. Whenever they called she didn't pick up the phone and didn't allow them to even speak with the child. The only person who could go and meet with the child was my friend but his parents, siblings and his family weren't allowed to meet or speak with the child. So many years have gone by, she has more kids with her second husband and he also has more kids with his second wife and he also moved town. His family has the right to see the child but she said that if he isn't in town they can't meet him. Only he can go and meet the child. The family suffers a lot with all that's happening because they were very attached to the child, specially the "dadi"(grandmother). She was heartbroken when all this happened.
Is there any way they can demand to see the child because there is no way they can speak politely to her because she became a bitter and rude person. When his family saw her in wedding gatherings and greeted her she was rude on public and refused to reply. When they spoke with the kid ( who is a teenager already) the child's mother and her mother also started scolding the kid and refuse the child to speak with the father's family. My friends family has no idea as to why she behaves in such uncivilized manner. Their marriage didn't work out... it's not the end of the world! So many people divorce but get along for the sake of the kid. They had good relations with her before the divorce so why this should change? They don't want to take the child away from the mother but they have the right to meet the kid. What is the best way to do so without creating bitterness and unhealthy reactions because of the child's sake?