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    Iím married for over 15 years. I love my wife and enjoy every minute we are together. We donít have any issues except one. Well, it might be an issue for me alone. We are not intimate often enough. We both enjoy it when we are but she can go for a month or longer without and that is just too long for me. She just seems constantly tired. Iíve tried everything. Even giving her days off chores where I clean up, cook a meal etc. sheíll be energetic all day but as soon as we are in bed, sheíll fall asleep immediately and leave me frustrated. I donít know what to do anymore.

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    Unfortunately the perception is that husbands are being unreasonable, trust me I understand. However as husbands we need to learn to better understand the sensitive nature of our wives and learn to improve our communications with our wives.
    Being practical I would suggest that you join Sheihk Yasir Qadhi's online program on intimacy called Like a Garment. It teaches husbands and wives how to better understand each other and builder stronger intimacy between couples. I make dua that Allah Taala blesses your marriage with continued love, patience and understanding. Please remember me in your duas too, as I need them too.

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    don't be frustrated rather apply skills

    Salaams MashaAllah I understand what you mean my brother I can offer some humble advice.1)You need to arouse in your wife the eagerness of want as Dale Carnegie desribes in his book How to win friends and influence people and you should read this book inshaAllah and you will realise that by how you treat your wife will result in how she treats you eg.Tell her she is beautiful and she will want to show this beauty of hers and do it sincerely and never stop
    2)When she tell you something positive then make her feel that she is infact the reason of that that happning or make her feel that she is more special than what is around yourl
    3)When she speaks to you make her feel special by giving her your full attention and by stoping whatever you may be doing at that moment.

    try this and inshaAllah if you believe then it will work

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