Question is from a male.
Are there any couples out there suffering from severe male infertility.
Non obstructive azoospermia and maturation only affects 1% of men and 10% of infertile couples. How did you overcome this and what treatments are you doing?

People really need to learn how to interact with couples who can't fall pregnant especially if it's a male factor.
Eg. 4 ladies are sitting together and 3 have children.
All they talk about are babies,pregnancy, children and bedroom stories without taking the woman's feelings who can't fall pregnant into consideration actually telling her that we sorry,you'll never know how it feels to be pregnant or your time will also come(knowing full well that she won't be able to fall pregnant) due to the condition Allah placed upon them.
This has happened numerous times with different groups of ladies.
People really need to learn how to deal with infertile couples, maybe there should be workshops for it, both the couple and people who interact with the couple.
Maybe if you suffering from male infertility you can we can discuss privately or open a support group.