Salaams to all... In a multiracial School...if our Muslim girls were put in a situation whereby hijaab was offered to them in the form of a simple black cloak, headscarf and trouser with a school badge sewn on jersey/dress but no Blazer...totally not allowed (A blazer which most schools take pride in).
Would you accept It or would you as a parent and child want them to dress in uniformity to others. Allowing muslim girls to wear hijaab with official uniform in the official colours and the blazer. Would you find wearing the cloak/abaya discriminatory and also isolating the girls from the other girls.
The blazer distinguishes the girls with their leadership badges/ academic and sports colours.,(and there are many other benefits to wearing the blazer). However since the hijaabi girls are not allowed blazers with their cloaks they are not recognised and some parents/scholars are not happy. What are your opinions, thoughts and suggestions?
There is a pending case with regard to this so it would be great if i could get a quick response.
Jazakallahu khair