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Thread: first night

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    first night

    I'm going to get married soon and want advice about the first night and week. What to do and what not to do

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    Whatever comes naturally. There are no do's and donts. The first night my husband took me to a luxury hotel, we prayed our first salah together, went out to eat and went to bed. The first week we just spent time together alone, went shopping, got to know each other more and "played the fool". It was pretty much just going with the moment kind of thing and Alhamdulillah it was the best to feel at ease by feeling no pressure to do anything.

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    First night tips


    Here are mine-

    Read salaat together before the act. Say bismillah and ask Allah to make it a means of blessing for you both.

    Dont be shy to express your feelings- if something doesn't feel good or safe stop and take a breather. It can be painful but it shouldn't be awful!

    Use a natural lubricant like coconut oil and take things slow.

    If you going on honeymoon please consider visiting your doc and asking for a script for ciprobay which is an antibiotic for bladder infection. So called honeymoon cystitis is very common for women having sex for first time. I got it whilst overseas and was seriously sick on my flight home.

    Remember you have forever together- in time u will get to know each other and inshallah it will always get better from there.

    Don't underestimate the importance of non sexual touch and and words. Say thank you, show appreciation, hold hands, kiss him on his forehead, tell him he smells good. All these little things promote love and understanding. If something makes u feel good tell him- even if its just the way he smiles.

    Most importantly love him for the sake of Allah.

    I hope your marriage is a happy one and I make dua that you are always a garment to one another. Treat him and his family with respect but always protect your own independence. It is a fine line but when your heart is pure it will come easily.

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    Thereís honestly no set of rules for the Doís and Donít. Apart from reading your first salaah together and making dua for eachother there is no hard and fast rule. Take it how it comes and most importantly just be calm. I got married 2 months ago and I was just as nervous. But alhamdullilah there was no need to be. On my wedding night we got to the hotel room, we talked and chatted abit and then I removed makeup and showered, and we read our salaah together and just got comfortable. In terms of intimacy, there was no pressure to do anything, we got used to the idea of being around eachother, we talked and cuddled until 3am and fell asleep and woke up for fajr, thatís how the next couple of nights went. We only got intimate days later after we were more comfortable and not as shy and alhamdullilah that helped so much. So donít rush it, get comfortable, talk about things, and donít stress. I was really stressed about it & there was no need to be. itís going to be one of the best nights of your life and most memorable, regardless of whether youíre intimate with eachother on that very night or not. So just be comfortable. May Allah make it easy for you and grant you a beautiful and blessed marriage.

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    I was very unsure about what to do on my first night too. I didn't even know what I was supposed to wear. I bought a "decent" satin bridal nighty, but then last minute I decided to wear the lingerie that I was given in the engagement parcels. I think that set the mood too sexy, lol. One thing led to another and we went the whole way on the first night. And then every night after that on our honeymoon lol... You definitely have to read salaah together. And there is the dua that the hubby must read with his hand on the wifes forehead. But after that just go with what you are comfortable with.. Start with talking, see how comfortable you are with touching each other, then it can lead to kissing, then more intimate touching, etc.. Just a tip, don't wear lingerie until you're ready to be intimate. Maybe take that as a way of setting the mood to what you are comfortable with

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