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I am not saying stay there for the child. i am saying help the mother for the child's sake..
I am asking what is the plan now
what do you want to happen
do you want to send the mother back to her parents
do you want to send the mother and your child back to her parents. you seem like a great father so I don't think this would be an option.
if you keep you child what is your plan with your child
what happens with your child
I do not know what the plan is, that is why I am searching for a solution. Between my wife and I my child is more attached to me, I have even looked after her by myself for a while when we separated, so sending my child away is never going to be an option, I do not want the mother to go back either,because the child needs a mother, not just any mother but her mother, my wife is also more comfortable here, she even says she does not want to go back and I would feel terrible if I had to force her away and back to where she was, not that I am saying it was a bad place, but clearly she is happier here, if I leave things I feel trapped if I let her go I feel guilty, a lot of the comments suggested polygomy, but i do not understand this, it's not as if women are just begging to be a second wife so it's not that easy, what do you think about this? If there was someone who could understand the both of us, do you think that would work?