Slms. I would like advice urgently on a matter tht affects i more than just my life. You see im a div mother working for a muslim boss. And as usual being a devorcee men seem to think we are weak and needy i the sense that him employing me gives him power and authority over me. My boss married to a pakistani national...seems to have a thing for me. Often hints he wants me as his 2nd wife. I wonder if his wife knows this. Days pass in the business where he becomes forward expecting me to umm surcumb to him and be his whore or fulfill his lust. If i ignore him and continue working...he changes his mood with everyone and makes the day so miserable. If it wasnt for the fact that i need to support my kids i would have left this job. But its so difficult to find employement. If i have to tell someone to approach him..he will definatly fire me and im then left with no means to support my kids. A friend of mine is just waiting....patiently to approach this man hard and with both fists. How do i survive this. How do i get this boss to change. What do i do as i need the job and sadly i have to bear daily. Its not right.