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Thread: looking for self helping ways to cure depression

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    looking for self helping ways to cure depression

    aNANImous Question
    I have been feeling a bit depressed lately due to certain things that have been happening the past few months. things have become overwhelming. I have communicated with my spouse regarding how I have been feeling lost, lonely, depressed and sometimes wishing it all would just end already. thank Allah I have imaan still that is keeping be going with dhikr and shukr. I just find it upsetting that my spouse is not supportive at all, never listens really, ignores me and says how I am feeling is my choice and that I am immature. How do I get out of this low mood by myself with Allah's help without medication or going for counselling or needing my spouses emotional support or speaking to anyone else about this problem?
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    cure for depression

    Ruqyah is extremely effective
    I have some pdf books from Ruqyah SA
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