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Thread: 14 year old angry and depressed

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    14 year old

    14 year old angry and depressed

    My 14 year old daughter is angry with us as parents. She does not want to tell us what the reasons are because she does not feel comfortable talking to us about it. She says cannot continue to live in our house any longer because she can't take it. It has been going on for years and she feels that enough is enough. She also has thoughts (written down) of wanting to die and killing herself.
    Her father and grandparents feel that she is just looking for attention and she needs to get over herself. They don't believe in therapy, mainly because of pride, and say things but be resolved at home.
    I am worried about my child. I want so desperately to help her. What can I do? I am helpless."
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    Shukran for all the words of encouragement, the duas and advice. She is not abused. Shukr Alhamdulillah. I agree that her diet needs to change and she definitely needs omegas.
    I have found an Aafiyah healer who will try to help her. Insha Allah

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    All is well

    Love herself

    At moment things maybe awkward with changes to body and menstruation etc. Maybe she is rejecting herself. Show her love and try and teach her to love herself warts and all. Louise Haye book you can heal your life and Yasmin mogahed book reclaim your heart are good books to help with healthy self esteem. Tell her to love herself and please Allah only. Also maybe teach her how to express her frustrations constructively. link for reclaim your heart. pdf https://learnfreewebdesigning.files....in-mogahed.pdf pdf learnfreewebdesign
    you can heal your heart book pdf https://mkbhambu.files.wordpress.com...uise-l-hay.pdf
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    bond with each other

    is she is bored out of her mind and getting frustrated with life becoming mundane?
    let her find a hobby that she enjoys. make it something sporty for endorphins. or maybe go for long walks together or join a park run. play tennis together. find a hobby that both of you can enjoy.
    bond with each other and find some fun exciting things to do together.

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