Salaam please post as anonymous - jzk

Salaam all

Parents please advise what do u do in this situation. Today my little one only 6 years old, asked us as parents, ' why my daadi doesn't talk to my mummy? Why my daadi doesn't love my mummy?' We were shocked but just brushed the subject off.
Its really sad that my in laws don't realise how their actions are affecting this innocent little child and as small as she is, she already picking up on such things.
They outrite show they hate me by not speaking to me and whenever they call they never bother to ask to greet me!
When the hatred will end, I have no idea, but how long will we keep brushing it off?

Children are intelligent enough to see what is happening around them, surely we can't lie, because they will then begin to think lies are ok.

Jazakallah in advance