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Thread: ripley's believe it or not!!!!

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    Thumbs up ripley's believe it or not!!!!

    Y this strange title???
    cos i feel like i belong in a museum of freaks....
    i've been divorced now for 11 years...didn't remarry due to great responsibilty (this was beyond my control ), have'nt had sex in all this time...i'd like to think of myself as a PRACTICING AND GOD-FEARING MUSLIM WOMAN...
    i was recently introduced to 2 seemingly decent muslim men with a view to marriage...and here's what transpired...
    man 1 thought i was a lesbian...he couldn't believe how i could go on with-out sex for so long.
    he was aghast that i didn't masturbate...he'd been divorced for a year...when i asked him if he masturbated , he said he couldn't do it...which btw is haraam.
    i was asked to send nude pictures of myself to him...
    during conversations, he only seemed to come alive when sex was the topic...
    he seemed to be o.k with pre-marital sex, justifying his reasoning that we'd both been married before and sex was no big issue...interestingly, he has an unmarried sister in her 30's living at home...i wonder if he would encourage her to lead an active sex life???
    he got bored and lost interest soon thereafter cos i wasn't comfortable with all of this...GOOD RIDDANCE.
    man 2 was also shocked that i had not been sexually active for so long...he also didn't see anything wrong with pre-marital sex...yet he professes to read his salaah and considers himself to be a good muslim...
    i am totally shocked and disgusted at this type of behaviour...
    point to men: in this morally corrupt world, where zinaa is so common, there are many many good women who may be single, yet do protect their chastity and willingly choose not to commit zinaa...

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    Masha Allah sister.. May Allah (swt) always keep you on the straight path. Aameen. I realised why so many of my very good friends are also not married. Its because they aren't willing to take that step with a guy. I myself only got married at 30.. And I also encountered such terrible situations. Don't ever give in and don't ever let them think there's something wrong with you!! Alhamdulillah I married a wonderful pious man who rspected me and my dignity.

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    sad world.

    U no I believe u because sadly in today's times with lots of men, if u say u are 30ish and not married and never been kissed and still a Virgin , they can't believe it. It's sad cos it's more a sin to them that u are a Virgin than that u have had sex left right and center. Messed up world.

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    such is life

    Im so glad that you could see beyond your need to get married because these two men are indecent. I believe you are not abnormal and i thank God that you choose to protect yourself as a women from preys like this that can't think beyond their private parts. May almighty Allah send you a pious man that will love you for the sake of Allah.

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    sad and scared

    Its actually really sad that this is the only time that all man will wake up in a conversation only wen it comes to the "sex" topic
    Its so sad to think about it ,I am 21 years old , and pre marital sex , is common, non of us are divorced yet breaking of virginity , is just one of those things , it seems like its a "fashion trend"now.. girls fall into these guys traps and they mislead them in soo many different ways , that you just start falling "inlove".....they make you think you love them sooooooo much , and than once they have wat they wanted, than bam, they gone ....ignoring calls , n not even texting you ..... yess theres many relationships that start of with pre marital sex , and end up becomming the best life partners , than marriage , n than kids , yes theres many other guys out there who appreciate their gf giving them, there everything .... many girls will get gifts once that "deed" is done

    But many are left with a broken heart, which will take a really long time to mend .....many guys now adays are even ok , with the fact that girls arent virgins ... they more shocked when you say you are a virgin ....

    You worry when you think ofmarriage .... coz some guys .... feel that they should have sex before marriage ... more disgusting they feel they wouldn't buy a car , without test driving it!

    I rather stay single ... than get married ... coz good guys are no more!!! ?... alll good guys are taken .... and alll good girls tooo ...
    The good are with the bad thou lol .....

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    To the poster, you should find comfort and solace in the ffg verses of the Quran : Vile women are for vile men, and vile men are for vile women, and clean women are for Clean men, and clean men are for clean women; these are quit of that which the people say: for them is forgiveness and a provision honoured.[Sura 24 - Al-Noor (MADINA) : Verse 26]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    To the poster, you should find comfort and solace in the ffg verses of the Quran : Vile women are for vile men, and vile men are for vile women, and clean women are for Clean men, and clean men are for clean women; these are quit of that which the people say: for them is forgiveness and a provision honoured.[Sura 24 - Al-Noor (MADINA) : Verse 26]

    shukran to all of u who have replied and offered words of support and encouragement...i particularly love the verse quoted from surat-al-noor...
    allah(S>W>T) saved me from these 2 vile,indecent and hypocritical men...
    a man is accorded great responsibility in islam as he is the head of his household,,,i shudder to think of our future if the greater percentage of our muslim male population
    behave like this,,,what kind of examples are they setting for younger people?
    i pity all those that have casual sex,,,with aids/sexually transmitted diseases being so rife these days,,,engaging in casual sex is actually like playing russian roulette...
    many innocent women are fooled by a man's outward appearance...many men will read their salaah/wear kurtas/have beards/etc...yet think nothing of engaging in adulterous relationships and sexual relations...god knows what they pick up...and pass these diseases to their unsuspecting spouses...although sex is natural...it only becomes lawful if done within the confines of nikaah...
    it would be terribly unfair of me to paint all men with the same brush...
    im sure that there are lots of cultured TRULY islamically orientated men out there who know how to respectfully conduct themselves with women...to you your reward lies with allah(s.wt)

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