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Thread: My daughter hates herself and needs to smile again

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    Concerned Mother

    My daughter hates herself and needs to smile again

    Assalaam-Alaykom Nanima

    I am the proud mother of 2 beautiful girls. I was introduced to this page because of my 1 daughter who sings your praise daily. She told me all about how much you do to help out the community, and I must say, I understand why she loves this page so much.

    It is one of the reasons I plucked up the courage to send this message in the first place.
    I am not here to ask for advice, but instead to ask for help, to plead for help.
    My eldest daughter who I shall not name, has been through so much, from bullying, being called all kinds of hurtful names, having her appearance judged and teased, having been called names like bugs bunny, and buck teeth, the list is endless, this had lasting effects, that still impacts her life today, it got so bad it lead to her being diagnosed with severe depression.

    My daughter, though beautiful and kind has the lowest self esteem, one I can no longer bare to witness, as a mother there is only so much one can do... Only so much one can say. It is heartbreaking to know that not even the comfort of a mother's words is enough to comfort her anymore. She has done us proud in so many ventures, studying and doing well, being a great role model to her sister, being an obedient daughter to us, a pious a young lady, as I said, a great role model... She is not one to ask for anything especially when she knows we simply cannot accommodate that need, I am on the brink of disability, and even then she is trying her best to help where she can, I just can't bare to see her like this anymore. She feels helpless, useless, worthless as she puts it.

    She believes so strongly that she is not beautiful. She walks with her head down, and refuses to go out, she has lost many a friends simply because she wasn't what they expected her to be physically.

    I am asking anyone who can help, not to give her a make-over, but help assist her with her dental issues, when I say she hates smiling, I mean it, she has a fear and sometimes goes for days without speaking, because she doesn't want people to notice or comment on her teeth. Something most of us take for granted, something most of us don't think about twice haunts my baby daily. She tells me she has dreams about going to fix her teeth and how bright she smiles and It breaks my heart, because we cannot afford it, we simply can't. I've tried public hospitals but the waiting list will have her waiting for years.

    What had me break was her admitting how disgusted she is when she looks in the mirror, she sees a therapist, but still no change in how she sees herself or what she sees when she smiles...
    I would so much love for my daughter to have a beautiful smile that matches her beautiful heart...
    So I'm pleading, and asking for help, if there is anyone that can help assist, and help me uplift my daughter's spirits and make one of her dreams come true, please help.

    Please, I love her dearly, and this might seem trivial, but I'd love to see her smile again, and not worry about what she looks like, I want her to be carefree again, I want her to feel beautiful again.

    So please, if there is anyone who can assist, please do. If there is perhaps a dentist out there willing to help, I will take my last to help my daughter. Please nanima, do you perhaps know of anyone?

    Yours sincerely and eternally grateful.

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    Dear concerned mother... I am a dentist and my friend sent me a link to your post. I would be willing to try and assist your daughter insha Allah. Please contact me on 0116461618 and we can try to return her smile

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    I'm so sorry bout ure daughter. I feek her pain as when I was a kid I was teased as well because I have something very noticeable when I talk.I tried not talking to ppl because of fear theyl ask my "what's that?" The problem is I'm a chatter box and not talking to ppl made me miserable. After seeing the doctor bout my problem and if it could be fixed he said if it culd be it would a fortune and a lot of pain,he told me to never to let this get me down and continue to be the confident person I know I am and if ppl ask u nething I must tell them the truth what it fear went away and wen I culd answer ppl there was no more teasing..I eventually was very popular in school (for good reasons), my fear however came back years later wen I started working for the first time.I had no idea how I would now answer adults and what they wuld think. I do talk less at work but I'm slowly trying to action what the dr told me wen I was a kid.I honest thought I'd never get married,but ddespite my "problem" I met a wonderful mman and he teases me but I have the abiility to laugh it off. I think u need tu need to put ur daughter on the waiting list at the hospital. Its noy really long,my bro was called 3 months after. Also ryt to local community newspapers. Insha allah ure daughter will be happy again.

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