I am a 28 year old guy. Have been married, but now divorced because things did not work out. Tried everything to save my marriage but my ex-wife chose to pursue her evil habits of smoking, drugs and a relationship with her brother-in law (may ALLAH guide her onto the straight path).

All I ever wanted was a homely wife who would encourage me to be a better muslim, and I will do the same for her as well. Central in my life is salaah, and this should be my wife's as well. I am an engineer by profession, but my career is not the most important thing to me. I want a wife who would be my best friend, the person I can confide in, care for, show affection to, look forward to seeing after a day's work. Our purpose in life should be to please ALLAH so that we can enter into Jannah together hand in hand. I also want a family, with children (if ALLAH wills). This is true happiness which I long for.

I have contacted Jamiat Laudium, 2 months ago, but they seem to be so inundated with requests that I feel I will never get a response from them. Now I plan on doing everything that I can to find my wife to be. Apart from the usual method of informing my parents and aunts, I am now going to go to imaams of mosques around my locality to inform them of my intent to marry and whether they know of any good girl who is also keen on marriage.

If anyone out there reading this can assist me I would very much appreciate it. ALLAH will definitely reward you.

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Was salaam