Slmz I need some advice , I have 3 kids my eldest being 9years old. My problem is with my in laws and my 9 year old son, shukar we have a very good relationship but when it comes to my kids they always put a lot of pressure on me esp regarding my eldest as he is the 1st and only grandson out of 4 girls. From his school work and report to his madressa work to his health , they always want me to push him do things, and I feel sorry for him because his my only son and I don't want to push him to much in fact I don't want to push him to do this for me. At the moment they giving me long lectures and make me feel like a bad mother because I give him a break from fasting , Alhumdullilah his been really good and missed only 4 , he stayed with them for a few days and him being a child was playing a lot while fasting , he told me that he felt weak and dizzy and fell to the ground which he brushed his arm pretty badly, they did not mention that to me , only on how they make him fast and why I don't and how it's compulsory for him to do it and I'm ignoring what's compulsory I love them dearly but this is my child and I might not be perfect in raising him but I want him to be a child as well I do my best to raise all my kids with a good islamic grounding but I can't take the pressure any more, please can someone advice what would be the best way to try to get them to step back a bit.