Slmz ,could some one please help me with some advice or what my options are. i will be moving from the place I've been staying for the past 4years, when i moved in i paid a deposit of 4500 i was wondering do i have an option of staying my deposit out as i will be staying here for only 2 weeks in July. I've notified them in the beginning of May that i will be moving out in July when i asked the land lady she said i can not do that as she needs to first see what damage has been done. i personally feel that this is not fair as i have put a lot into this place regarding fixing things that was not my duty and a lot of my things have gotten damaged over the years as there is leaks in a few places, I've painted and will be painting the house before i leave.ive put a lot of money into this place which i will never see again because they would never fix anything that was needed from there side, i have given her my word that i will give her the place in better condition that i received it. in the time that I've stayed here we've had to live with out water for over 3weeks because they did not pay the water bill and they asked us for the money to pay for it, which we did as we have 3small kids. When time came to paying it back it took them 1year to return it to us. my only concern is that they will find silly and unnecessary faults and not give us our deposit back. Please help