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    My experience


    I do not have much of a question, just wanted to post my experience with PCOS and weight loss for anyone that can be helped.

    I am aged 22. Also suffering from PCOS for the past 5 years now. I have been on and off metformin for the past 3 years and heavily obese. Two years ago, I went on a quick diet of no carbs. The diet plus metformin plus one hour treadmill everyday helped me lose 24 KG's in 7 months’ time. However once I introduced carbs back in my diet, all the weight went back up, as fast as it came down. Last year November, I registered myself at the sure slim clinic in my area. Gave a blood test and was given an eating plan. A plan that was high in protein, low in food containing uric acid, 3 fruits per day, and minimum but required amount of carbs per day to loose fat easily. I once again started metformin, and tried 30 minutes exercise thrice a week. 2 liter of water, and 3 cups of green tea. In addition, having mixed seeds and nuts everyday helped with the digestion of all the fiber easily. It’s been 6 months now, and so far I have lost 26 Kilo's and another 14 to go in the next 2 months. Within this six month, twice I stopped following the eating plan and indulging in food like there's no tomorrow. The first happened during the Christmas/New Year holiday. The sure slim clinic was closed for 3 weeks, which meant no weekly consultation. I ate everything, but I managed to maintain the weight at what I had left of with the consultant. Once back to weekly consultation, I started the program again and started losing weight. Again this April, with Easters and lots of family weddings, food plan went highway. Once again I didn't put on any weight, but I didn't lose any as well. Back on track and I have started losing weight. Initially the weight loss was fast, losing about 1.5 to 2 kilos a week, but after losing the first 18 kilos, the loss per week has now slowed down to 800 gram to 1.5 kilos per week. My point of this is that, it’s a long process weight loss. You need to be motivated for it, and with me the weekly consultation and weighting helps to keep me on my toes. Yes of course, there are days, when I do indulge and days when I feel like giving up, but today when I see myself on a weight scale that I was 7 years ago, it feels great. The weight lost has helped with the PCOS but I still suffer with it. In addition, I have managed to realize, what carbs makes me put on weight fast and which are ok to indulge in on rare occasions. Like for me, rice is a quick way of weight going up, but bread is manageable.
    If suffering from Insulin resistant, metformin with diet helps lose weight. But if metformin is omitted, weight will be very stubborn to lose. The sure slim plan works wonders, because it allows the correct amount of carbs your body needs and plus the plan doesn't leave you feeling hungry as it has a variety of food choices and good food portions to eat. Plus the plan is broken down in three manageable weight lose target. Smaller and realistic goals those are achievable.
    In addition I also took an herbal medication by company Zifam Pinnacle named Lobese. No side effect. And slowly helps maintain weight. It herbal so takes a long time to show results, but with the correct diet helps.
    I know the process of losing weight is hard and long, but not impossible. Just the correct amount of support and motivation is needed. Getting through the first month is the toughest but, eventually it gets easier. I hope my experience can help or motivate you in any way.

    PS: another medication that helps lose weight is BiSlim Capsules, From Neptunus Biopharmaceuticals in china. These capsules can be found in most chemists. Take 2 capsules each morning 30 minutes before breakfast and you ready to loose in a months’ time 8-10 kilos with a balanced diet. Or 5-6 kilos with your normal eating plan. This medicine is not herbal, but works wonders. However it leaves you very thirsty and the normal 2 liter of water will still leave you with a very dry throat that will feel like its closing up. Drinking lots of water helps. It might also give you a sight headache/dizziness from time to time. I would recommend it for just a month and not more than that. Also not advisable if you’re pregnant.
    Good Luck!

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    my experiebce


    Please do give me your e mail address I want to chat to you about your expereice as I am in the same boat as u . Thanks for the article, I loved it and great to hear positive feed back with pcos as all over the net u only hear negative stories on pcos

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