View Full Version : Genetically Modified Food

29-01-2014, 12:51 PM
This is a sensitive topic, which I feel we need to discuss and better understand what it means and why it is so important.
To begin with, most people don't understand the fuss around GM foods.
The benefits of GM foods are tremendous, the list is endless - the big issue is what is the problem with GM food.
There is one great problem, and that is GM produce are mostly infertile.
This is intentional (try germinating the seed of any fruit/veg from your supermarket).
Travel through the rural places in Africa, and you will find Monsanto and other GM seed, easily and cheaply available.
So what? Well, in a short time, we will no longer have any naturally reproducing plants (that have a nutritional benefit).
What happens when Monsanto raise the price of certain seed?
Currently, over two thirds of all crops are GM.
Lets be pro-active (think of Nooh AS building an ark in a desert), let's begin small, and start a farm -based on natural seed
From wheat, rice and maize to bananas, papaya and casava
Let's hear your thoughts (you can email me on istiqaamat@gmail.com)