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bride to be
29-12-2013, 05:53 PM
hoping all is well.
I need advice regarding oral sex. gonna be
getting married shortly . have the fear my hubby
gonna ask me and what do I do? do men do for
ladies as well? serious answers no pervs please.

20-02-2014, 12:30 PM
1. Islam considers sexual activity within the marriage as an act of worship. It is reckoned as more important than performing sunan and nawaafil.

2. It is the mandatory duty of the spouses to strive for their utmost to satisfy each other within the limits prescribed by Allah and His Messenger.

3. Deliberate neglect and failure to respond to the need of one's spouse is a grave sin, for which one will incur Allah's wrath.

4. Sexual intercourse is not permitted during menstruation or post- natal bleeding until the bleeding has stopped, and until the woman has bathed or cleaned herself. However, there is no taboo in anything other than sexual intercourse at such times.

5. Sexual intercourse is forbidden during ihram and while fasting. During Ramadhan, there is no restriction at night. One is not allowed to perform nafl fast if it interferes with the legitimate sexual needs of one's spouse.

6. There is no taboo on sexual intercourse in any other time so long it does not interfere with one's other obligatory duties.

7. It is a highly recommended sunnah for the spouses to prepare for each other before the sexual union by washing, cleaning, shaving, and brushing and applying some nice scent and perfume in order to make each other attractive.

8. It is recommended to take off the clothes and slip into a wrap-cover.

9. The Prophet has warned the spouses against jumping into beds like animals or birds without adequate preparation and foreplay. Kissing, sucking on the tongue and touching and caressing are all considered sunan in sexual union.

10. The Prophet's sunnah in sexual intercourse teaches that one should not detach sexual activity from one's affectionate and compassionate dealing with one's spouse. Otherwise there is no difference between beasts and humans.

11. Scholars recommend that one should never rush to it. Rather one should take time and be at ease and totally relaxed. In this way, it becomes a perfect recreation and satisfying experience for both couples.

12. It is perfectly Islamic to approach one's spouse from any side and being creative in sexual intercourse so long as one avoids anal intercourse.

13. It is a sunnah to offer the prescribed du'a before intercourse. It is also highly recommended to wash one's genitals after the intercourse before sleep. If one is repeating it, one should wash oneself and make wudhu in order to be energetic and relaxed.

The following is considered as sexual perversions in Islam, and hence must be shunned by couples:

1. Anal intercourse is strictly forbidden in Islam.

2. Sadistic sexual practices such as taking pleasure in inflicting pain, or beating or chaining one's spouse, etc. are forbidden.

3. There is no place in Islam for what is known in the west as group sex. Likewise, it is also forbidden to engage in kissing or foreplay or intimate touching of one's spouse in public. Islam recommends confidentiality in sexual union between the spouses.

4. Engaging in sexual activity with one's spouse while watching a sex movie or nude picture or imagining another woman or man is strictly forbidden.

5. It is also forbidden to divulge one's sexual exploits with one's spouse with others.

25-02-2014, 09:08 PM
Allah will not look at a person on the day of qiyama who enters his wife from her backside