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28-11-2012, 05:34 AM
I am totally disgusted with some of the replies people give here about this topic! Firstly I am a guy who totally agrees with what the other sister posted the other day about this topic! Let's first ask ourselves. Doesn't islam teach us hayaa?(Modesty) where is our shame? I'm telling u we have been so brainwashed by the west its not even a joke! Nabi(SAW) said summthin to the effect ina hadith 'Modesty is half of imaan'!!!!! Why have we been brainwashed by the west?? Coz half our people are watching porn! Surfing haraam sites! Listening to haraam talk! Believe it or not this is reality! And for u muslim couples out there who don't understand the mas'ala about this, we'll now u gona know...it is Makrooh-e-tahrimi to do such an act of giving or receiving a BJ or Muffing! What's Makrooh-e-tahrimi? Something which is very very close to haraam. Jus think for a short while! The same mouth we use to recite the speech of Allah?? Make his Thikr? Let us make taubah and turn to Allah if we have commited such acts. Please forgive me but I had to clear this misunderstandin. And for the sistter who has worry about her modesty thumbs up to u n May Allah reward u أمين! Please people even tho ul hear how nice it is etc. Allah has got sumthing better for us if we stay away from such filthy disgusting habits! Please for the sake of Allah! Allah reward every1.

28-11-2012, 03:44 PM
I agree with you. However this is EXACTLY why this forum exists, if for some reason people do not know, they ask. It is better they do than live in ignorance.

28-11-2012, 04:41 PM
Thank you for letting people know that!!!! :):)
I have been trying to tell people its haraam but no one believes me because everyone is doing it so they think its totally acceptable
Seriosly don't know who finds that stuff nice, totally gross..

29-11-2012, 10:33 AM
yes it is haraam! people are not educated enough in their deen, that is why our muslim nation is in such a sad state of affairs!

we all claim to want was is best and to do the right thing, but then engage in wrongful dressing, wrongful socializing.

people are encouraging their children to be outspoken, be confident, dont let people walk over u etc etc.......all about demands and never about giving and helping others, watching our speach and actions. its all about standing up for ourselves, but people dont tell their kids anymore that what if what they are standing up for is wrong? what if were they r in the wrong and can learn from others just be keeping quiet and listening to what is being said.

even when mothers look for daugthers for their sons....they look for the fairest, slimmest, modern dressed girl. so what message are we sending out then to the youth? wheres the modesty and shame then? that if u are modern, ul get a husband, cos those are the girls they loook fo these days!

we all are to blame, as we are not following the sunnah of our nabi SAW.

even the tableeq, they as well want their daughters to have the richest husband etc. the fairest wife etc

so i dont think we should point fingers at anyone, but just look at ourselves. because we all are to blame for the suffering of the muslims. it is our actions, greed and ways that has led to a nation that is self absorbed, demanding, no modesty and shame!!

29-11-2012, 02:32 PM
I would like to ask if the people above are aalims/aalimahs to pass a fatwa so easily on a issue which has a difference of opinion amongst scholars? There are different views regarding oral intercourse in Islam, not all scholars regard it makrooh tahrimi or haraam. All these views have strong proofs repsectively. Do not be so quick to proclaim something totally Haraam. One of the laws of Fiqh is that everything is halaal in its essence unless it is strictly prohibited from Quran, Sunnah, Qiyas or Ijma.

Allow people to see the different opinions and the proofs repsectively and make a decision based on that.

If u wish to follow a school of thought which says it is Makrooh Tahrimi or Haraam then by all means follow that, but do not give a blanket statement and make the people who prefer to follow a different opinion seem as if they are wrong or as idiots. We are all Muslims and like one of the posters said above, we here to learn. If u wish to teach us, then do it with humbleness and beautiful character.

Young muslimah
29-11-2012, 06:57 PM

I'm engaged to a very learned guy, alhamdulila, and I spoke to him about this topic (he looked at me rather strangely lol) but he said that its not acceptable because the fluids is napak.
If you think about it, you urinate in the same place, urine isnt good to digest even a small amount because it has harmful substances in it.
Also another point, have you even wondered that after intercourse we have to have fard ghusl to clean our body..
Just think of it from a health angle

30-11-2012, 02:22 PM
to the last poster, i did not think it was the intention of the other comments to offend u or anyone.

also, u cannot pick and choose which school of thought u want to follow. if u decide to follow a certain school of thought, then everything within that school of thought, u need to abide by. example, if u are hanafi, u cannot mix shafi and hanafi school of thought together to suit urself and ur lifestyle.

just as you say people should provide advice with beautiful character, people should also be willing to listen to advice with beautiful character as well, and not dismiss others because u feel offended. this is a forum where one can learn, and no people are not alimahs or alims who give advice, that is why people asking these questinons here, should follow up with an aalim or alimah to find out the right thing according to their school of thought. that is common sense. especially for such general problems where facts of the entire situation are not given. thus advice will also be given generally.

they do not mention their school of thought when they are stating their problem, so u cannot expect people who give advice to know that information and to advise accordingly.

do not be so critical on people who take time out of their day to genuinely advise someone else. even if the advice is not the best, it is for the person having the problem to interpret which advice they will take and are most aligned to.

03-12-2012, 06:03 AM
السلامعليكم وَرَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ وَبَرَكَاتُ to the brother or sister who previously posted about following which madhab suits u...u saying that all madhabs are different with regards to this issue and the fatwas given thereby...okay fine I want u to prove that and show us how it is diff????? To my knowledge all the madhabs prohibit oral sex!!!! Seeing that this post says it is makrooh-e-tahrimi, yes closest to haraam, that is for hanaf and majority of the people in our country are of the hanafi school of thought.

.so now I want u to prove to me that the other madhabs give a fatwa in favour of this dirty filthy act..before u even try and think of misleading us go search high and low for it and I promise Allah is my witness ul neva find anything in ur favour!!!!i

stop judging
04-12-2012, 12:15 AM
it is pointless arguing here. Go and ask the scholar you trust and follow what they have to say.

the poster above says alot about the Hanafi Madhab. I have found this post from Faraz Rabbani from a hanafi fiqh point of view regarding this matter

Oral sex takes various rulings�depending on the situation:

a) if oral entails swallowing or likely swallowing of filthy substances--such as pre-sexual discharge--then it is prohibitively disliked and sinful;

b) if there is fear of this, and this fear is at the level of likelihood, then it would also be impermissible and sinful;

c) if the fear is not at the level of likelihood--such as when all precautions are taken--then it would be disliked and improper;

d) when there is no fear of swallowing any filth, even accidentally, then it would be other than the best thing to do (khilaf al-awla).

And Allah alone gives success.


Faraz Rabbani

04-12-2012, 05:23 PM
see this discussion right here is why it is so dangerous to go fatwa shopping especially now a days all of us have become internet muftis and when we looking for answers sheikh google to the rescue.. please people ask an aalim you respect regarding issues.. and be consistent in following one school of thought. do not pick and choose and go fatwa hopping and fatwa shopping.. this is one of the main reasons we have the ask aalim section.. remember though their school of thought may not be your school of thought.. we have them to assist with giving general answers to questions especially from a hanafi, south african point of of view as these are the aalims have volunteered their time to selflessly assist us....

so best alway ask your local aalim as fatwas are SPECIFIC, usually specific person, specific time, specific reason.. they are based on a persons circumstance... what may be applicable to you may not be applicable to me..

at the end of the day we must remember this fighting and insulting each other what does it achieve. we fight about petty things at what expense.. the expense of the unity of the ummah.. do you know the unity of the UMMAH is fardh compared to some of the things we argue about.. let us learn to agree to disagree sometimes... respect each other and be tolerant towards each other...

at the ALLAH knows best and "IS" the Master of the day of Judgement