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03-06-2013, 01:34 PM
I need to vent
im married for 3 years and live next to my inlaws. i work full time so me and hubby only get to spend time togather in the evenings and weekends. unfortunately my husband always seems to put me second- with regards to everything. his family and his life. i feel im constantly competing for his time and his attention- i have no kids yet and im scared that kids will mayb make this situations worst as it stands right now. if we are planning to do something togather my mil or fil or sil will cum up with something that needs to be done and my hubby will break plans with me no matter hoe inadvance those plans with me wer made . so i feel he takes me for granted. he wouldnt dare refuse his family over me. its constantly upsetting me and i dont know if i can take much more of it. i have spoke n to him abt it and he "promises" things will change but they dont. its always the same. as husband and wife i think we entitled to spend time alone yet my inlaws were lay things on him and he will never say no even knowing that me his wife also has a right over his time.i can honestly say as a couple we are drifting apart bcoz we have NO time togather alone. its always something or the ada. if my sil wants to leav her kids by my mil it becomes my responsibility to take care of dem- no time with hubby den aswell. i have had enough.

27-06-2013, 09:02 AM
Was Salaams Sis, I am in the same boat in fact I wish my husband would open his eyes as his parents and family can only do so much and just use him. All he does is for them and when it concerns us and the lil one he forgets about us. Read Ya Kareemo 1000 times (ten tasbees) and blow on the food that you prepare for the both of you making the nayyit that the Almighty make him generous with his time and spending financially on you. Read Hasbianallahu wa nemaal wakeel 110 and also make niyyat for what ever you want.

Inshallah Allah (swt) will ease your situation and make it easy, Aameen

28-06-2013, 02:16 PM
OMW this sounds exactly like me. Hubby and i also dont get enough time alone he always some excuse when we eventually do have a little time together then his sister will come or the kids. I too have the situation with my SIL. they drop off their kids by my in laws and the kids end up with me all the time. no one ever asks me if i have plans or if i am busy but they go for weekends away and go out for the day and then i end up sitting at home with the kids.
Hubby always complains about money when i speak of going on holiday or say i need something. But when his sister or mother asks for anything or even says they need something even if they dont ask him he will fork out the cash. then he tells me we cant do this or something i wanted has to wait because he had to pay so much for my mums this or that, or sisters something.
it never ends. at least i work so i see to myself and the kids.