View Full Version : Customer confides in us about problems, some things making us uncomfy? What do we do?

27-06-2012, 10:24 AM
Slmz nanima. please post as anonymous!!! WE NEED SOME HELP AND ADVICE URGENTLY. we are 4 ladies that work in a office. we have a client that is simple and dilly, and he is recognised by everyone like that. WE TAKE HIM LIKE A FATHER FIGURE. he used to tell us about his family problems, and we used to give him advice. he does not have much family to turn to, thats why he turned to us at the office, he even speaks to our boss about his issues.

About 2 weeks ago he came to ask us for advice on how to delete the "history" on his internet explorer, so we asked him what does he want to hide (as a joke), and he said its just something i cant have my small son see when he logs on to the internet. so we left it at that. the next day he came back and said he never got it right, so we asked him again, because some sites dont appear in ur history as a site you visited, but as a different portal.


he said "Theres a time in a mans life where you need to see to certain pleasures" - already we all knew "OH GOSH" "WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THIS!!" He told us he was looking @ "THE ARE OF LOVE MAKING" and he wanted to delete it, coz he didnt want his son to view it, because his son is at that age of exploring. we all were shocked and tried throwing him off the ball. but just cudn't. he continued.He started telling us that you should have s #x everyday, and try and spice it up as much as you can so that your partner is always left satisfied. WE KNOW!! PERVE!!!!

he visits the office more regularly and talks alot more about "intimacy" and this is freaking the 4 of us out like you cant believe. we keep throwing him off the ball, and diverting the topic to something else, but some how he just comes crawling back in about the intimacy issue. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS SO-CALLED "DILLY MAN"???

Just yesterday , he came to ask the ladies, as 2 of us were busy out of the office, that why did no1 tell him his zip was open when he was here monday?? the ladies wer stunned, and IGNORED him. luckily he saw that our boss noticed, and felt ashamed.. he left. WHAT THE HECK DO WE DO???????

Please HELP US!!!!!

16-07-2012, 04:59 PM
Clearly this man gets a thrill by telling people about his very intimate issues.
I would suggest discussing this with your boss and he should be the one to handle it, not you. If your boss doesn't help out then go to this 'dilly man' and tell him, 'please sir, we don't like discussing your intimate private issues as we feel it is not our business, so please can you keep it to yourself'