View Full Version : Counselling???

15-05-2013, 11:32 AM

I have been married for about 12 years now. 2 years ago my had an affair or was seeing someone else for 6 months. It was difficult to get through to her at first however we managed to make things work without any councilling, the situation was little difficult as she had nowhere to go and we have two beautiful kids.

My problem is that I am still haunted by this. I am normally a very level headed person however I am overwhelmed whenever I think of what has happened. I am filled with anger, grief and don't really know how to deal with all of it.

I keep looking back at the past, people behave very differently when they have "another partner".

I understand all the logic and have read many motivational books however I feel STUCK.

Would it be best for me to go for councilling? with my wife?

Amazing Soul
16-05-2013, 05:10 PM
The best would be to go for counselling with your wife. You never really moved passed the affair and every time those emotions of anger, deceit and grief always come back to you. You need to deal with it by talking to someone who will be able to understand you and give you professional advise, only then will you be able to stop looking back at the past and concentrate on the future with your wife and two beautiful kids. All the best. :)