View Full Version : Want to look toned and more lean?

13-11-2012, 03:23 PM
Why dont you make a conscious decision to make some changes in your lifestyle and challenge yourself to stick with it for 6 weeks!?!

To get toned , The secret is to exercise those muscles and force them to burn the fat !

A simple way is to keep your body moving through out the day !

Even if it means bending down and touching your toes in the middle of your favourite TV show.

So for 6 weeks try to increase your levels of activity !

Choose from 3 from these 5 basic easy moves - 3 times aweek and you will see the difference!

1 - Sit down on a chair and stand up 50 times .
2 - Lift your arms up to the sides then over your head and back for 50 times.
3 - Touch your toes and then stand up right 50 times.
4 - Stand on your tippy toes and return to normal for 50 times.
5 - Stand up straight then lift up your knee for 50 times on both sides.

You will feel the burn,
Start today !
Keep me updated!
Good Luck!