View Full Version : Being the good wife

08-11-2012, 09:00 AM
How can a wife still respects and be loving and kind to her husband after he constantly insults her and her family and treat her like crap.

One of the reasons that he is this way is because she did not know how to be a wife in their first year of marriage, she made a lot of mistakes and said a lot of bad things. But she has learnt from these and educated herself on being a good Muslim wife. She tries everyday to be the wife that he wants but all he does is complain or ignore her.

She wasn't prepared for marriage and got married at a young age out of love. Her parents and family did not talk to her about married life. They just threw her in the deep end and she tried to survive the best way she could. Now 7 years later, she knows what marriage means, the sacredness of a husband and how to treat each other with kindness and love. How to be merciful and compassionate and most importantly, she has learnt how to forgive and forget and still love your husband.

But he still brings back their first year of marriage, constantly complains and criticise her. He tells her crap about her family and what a rotten upbringing she had. How messed up her family is and how they rub off on her. Meantime, the wife is aware that her family has issues and she is nothing like them. She tries her best to lead a life that is so different from her family. But the husband doesn't give her a break.

The wife is at a point where she is completely broken and damaged. She has tried so many things, she is a loving person but her husband is so self absorbed that he doesn't see that she has changed from the wife she was in their first year.

She is a very strong person. When he tells her crap, she can't stand it and bites back. Her challenge is trying to keep quiet. She tries hard but ends up telling him crap back so how do you fix a marriage like that esp when there's children involved?

After all the ugly things he told her, she feels that she is nothing, she has no support system. How do you trust your husband again after all these ugly words that has left her destroyed and lost? She feels like she does not know who she is anymore. He has done a great job breaking her apart. Not only has he done this while they are alone, but also in front of his family. Is there any hope? How does she forgive him and move on while he remains the same? How does she keep quiet and become the wife that he wants her to be while working and looking after 2 children.