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10-09-2012, 11:56 AM
I am struggling emotionally with the nausea and extreme exhaustion. I am working and feel like I cannot meet my commitments each day.
I am not good at being sick or at being tired and I am between 8 and 9 weeks pregnant and find myself crying because I hate feeling this tired.

I guess I'm looking for some reminders as to why I need to let go and feel tired. I am worried about the impact on my job and work responsibilities.

13-09-2012, 06:02 PM
That tired feeling only lasts for the first trimester. By the fourth month you begin to feel more energetic.. So just hang in there. Try to take a nap during tea/lunch break. Sleep early at night. Drink water/ juice to keep yourself awake at work.

13-09-2012, 06:50 PM
I too was very sick and exhausted on both my pregnancies.i work as a lawyer so my job was demanding and stressful.however I spoke openly to my boss about it and he made many amends.i started late everyday and finished earlier so I didn't have to sit in traffic as driving made me very nauseous.my husband started dropping me off and fetching me.i kept water biscuits ginger sweets and things like that in my office to help with nausea.i also occasionally took sick leave when I was feeling really ill.its your right to take sick leave and u should use it!

I'm not sure what work you do but see of you can be reassigned tasks that don't take up as much of your energy.the other thing I did was work on only a few files at a time.when I finished those I would take on new matters.this meant I didn't have to stress as much as I was dealing with fewer clients yet was achieving same amount of work.i also made sure that all my files were up to date so that if I had to come in late or take sick leave anyone could take over my matter from me.

Lastly take your vitamins,get plenty of rest,try to do as little work at home as possible and soon u will feel better inhallah.

Oh and lastly take time out in your day to get fresh air and to take a small
Break.if you have your own office put your head on your desk and close your eyes.if not go to a quiet place for a breather!

13-09-2012, 07:26 PM
Baby is growing at a rapid rate right now and that is why you feel so tired. This will get better soon. You need to adjust to the changes going on in your body. Enjoy every moment of the pregnancy - it is your opportunity to help with a miracle!

13-09-2012, 07:30 PM
Its only the first trimester it normally gets better from the second, its ur hormones acting up..... Its normal be patient......All the best