View Full Version : Husband is unfair and exploiting me

11-06-2012, 08:18 AM
Nanima Please help, I have lb he is 14 weeks and a hubby who verbally abuses me. & expects me to do everything . I don't have any help although I live with his parents. He does help with looking after baby whilst I atleast do the work. His mother is even worse she trys and act like she is my baby's mother. For his mom & sisters he will do anything when it comes to me its not important. I'm on maternity leave n don't have. A cent. Anything I want or need I must beg him.pls advise. I feel as if I'm goin to blow out ne tym. My poor baby is getting neglected. Like now it's freezin but I have to do the washing outside , but for his mum got a domestic helper.

11-06-2012, 03:29 PM
Allah make it easy for you inshaAllah.. Giving birth can be very stressful and you need to really look after yourself and try and take it easy..
Have you always been feeling this way or have you been feeling this way only recently after your baby was born or were you feeling like this during your pregnancy as well.. were you feeling like this before you were pregnant..

Best is to maybe contact a GP or you gynae to check if you not suffering from Post Natal Depression. the one statement that struck me was when you said you feel like you neglecting your baby.. best to be safe regarding this as hormones usually go wild during pregnancy and maybe making things worse.. please look after yourself..

Write down all your problems and next to them write down all your possible solutions that you can make from your side to make yourself feel better..

About your husband, you should not tolerate him to disrespect you. maybe contact a counsellor to help guide you to resolve this. you can email ehk@mweb.co.za