View Full Version : Best Way To Assist a Spouse or Loved One who has bad breath

17-08-2012, 08:44 AM

What would be the best way to assist a spouse or loved one that has bad breath,
I often overlook and sacrifice so as not to hurt any feelings or offend my spouse but
sometimes I get a headache with the smell, Please do not tell me if I love my spouse
I will overlook and sacrifice for the love, I often wonder if other people also get offended
when my spouse talks to them or interacts with people but how do I tell them?
I once mentioned that we should go to a doctor/dentist and maybe check up if we have
bad breath and my spouse got offended and tells me they put up with so many of my
actions and they sacrifice so can't I sacrifice,

I feel like its beginning to affect our relationship because somedays I don't even want
to kiss them and if I offer half a gum or a mint they get offended and we end up fighting.

What advice would someone have to offer.


17-08-2012, 11:15 AM
Since it might be difficult to talk directly to them, perhaps it might be better to send your spouse a text message or email telling them how u feel and highlight how getting it sorted will benefit and improve your relationship. Communication is key and your spouses reaction to the previous attempts you've tried is immature. Tell him/her that if roles were reversed you would appreciate their input rather then hearing it from a stranger, colleague or friend.It could be an odour resulting from an imbalance of some sort and a simple tablet could help why let it ruin a relationship.

17-08-2012, 11:58 AM
Whenever I try to correct my spouse I always tell him that people wil never walk up to u n tel u what ur problem is coz theyl feel its not there place! I am ur wife n I love u n want wats best for u so if I mention ur flaw its only to make u a better person coz I want people to see u as d best. Also if I hav a flaw plz tel me so I can correct it too!...... He tends to listen to me shukr! But also I always reassure him that I love him.