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28-07-2012, 09:11 AM
Goodmorning I am a non muslim thank you for this wonderful service :) my names &***a nd I would like to know is there any health risks or issues if my hubby suckles my breast milk? Iv been searching the net seems to be difference of oppinion. Please advise coz my man wants me to breastfeed him as much as I do with my child lol.. Male species

Dr Joy Saville
30-07-2012, 02:20 PM
Breast feeding your husband won't have any harmful effects on any party involved. Recently an ice cream made from breast milk was formulated. This however, is seen as a taboo in many cultures, but it won't cause any physical or bodily harm

30-07-2012, 03:27 PM
Islamically, this is not allowed and a major sin. Also this milk is needed by the baby to grow etc and your husband is taking away valuable nutrition from the baby. foster parenting principles come into play. rather leave the milk for the baba