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11-01-2013, 06:05 PM
Here is a brief list of sexual taboos which all married couple must observe in Islam:

1)As Islam views conjugal union and husband and wife relations as extremely dignified and confidential, one is not allowed to engage in such acts in public or while others are watching; it is also forbidden to divulge one’s sexual exploits with one’s partner to anyone else. The Prophet, peace be upon him, refers to such behaviour as Satanic and hence not befitting of humans;

2)Anal intercourse is totally forbidden; however, partners are allowed to derive sexual pleasure from intimate rubbing of any other part of the body or through oral stimulation so long as such acts are done consensually;

3)Sadistic practices such as deriving carnal pleasure by inflicting pain or chaining one’s partner, etc. are all forbidden as they are consideredd as degrading and inhumane;

4)Sexual intercourse in the vagina is forbidden during a woman’s menstrual period as well as during post-natal period; one must wait until the bleeding stops and she has performed ghusl (ritual bath);

5)Sexual intercourse or intimate touching or caressing, etc. are forbidden while fasting, or in state of ihram;

6)So called group sex (regardless of whether it is done between consenting married partners or others) is an abomination and grave sin; it is sinful even to entertain such thoughts;

7)There is no taboo on partners masturbating each other or having sexual intimacy or fulfillment during menses as well as during post-natal period of bleeding-- provided sexual intercourse in the vagina is avoided.

8)It is haraam to engage in intimate sexual union with one’s partner while imagining or visualizing other men or women.

Extract from Ask the Scholar, Shaikh Ahmad Kutty: http://askthescholar.com/question-details.aspx?qstID=344

01-02-2013, 04:37 PM
did you mean oral sex in oral stimulation ?