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10-01-2018, 10:06 AM
aNANImous Question

Asalaam my husband and I of 6 years have a wonderful relationship his 33 and I'm 25 we do have our ups and downs now and then but alhamdulilah we have a good understanding and open communication. Thing is my husband is always behind me to be intimate I always just think to myself that his got a high sex drive and he rather lust me then anyone else it just becomes very exhausting when we go to bed he likes to fondle with my hair or checks or rubs my arms and back his very loving like that. I've spoken to someone I'm close with n all she could say was I wish my husband would do that for me. I'm not being ungrateful but sometimes. I just wana get into bed without being touched. I just want to relax n unwind. He holds me n sleeps n I feel bad when I want to turn. Randomly at night he wants to be intimate. I make shukar that he doesn't just want to satisfy himself n foreplay is always apart of our encounters so I do get aroused and end up giving in. It's the same in the day at any point in the day when his in the mood (its like his always in the mood) it becomes so hard having to take ghusal 3 times in a day ESP when its almost time for namaaz and then also at night. About 2 hours when his back from work he wants to be intimate and his on leave from 23rd DEC till next week we've had such a lovely time, but sexually I'm drained idn how to bring this up I have in the past n he understood n den a few weeks later it just goes back to normal .he says his mind wonders n thinks about something about me something i said or laughed about or wore that turns him on. I know islamically we can't deny them. And other then this alhamdulilah we've got a beautiful life Allah swta has blessed us with good jobs barkat in our rozi we go out eat of the best and are living comfortably n it today's world with temptation all around I wouldn't want to risk pushing him to commit zina or worst adultery because I was too tired to keep up. Please advise!

10-01-2018, 10:22 AM
Poster I totally get where you coming from, I am in the same boat except it's coupled with financial worry and 3 kids, I am drained after working 8-5, and I don't have the energy to continuously give in, he is also always willing any time day or night, It is draining, especially when you have stress and you barely making ends meet.

11-01-2018, 04:56 PM
Iím a guy and it sounds like we in the same boat.
Is every second day ok ?

19-01-2018, 01:02 AM
Make Shukr n do your duty. At least he's not going to porn or prostitutes or having affairs.