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04-12-2012, 02:18 PM

I was widowed with kids at a young age. I am still in my twenties and wish to remarry. People have inquired about me but when hear I have children do not want to come with a proposal due to the fact that I have children and this may pose as a problem in their life.

I do not want to live my life unmarried and I make alot of dua. Please advise of any specific dua for a righteous and compatible spouse to read.


Ml.Habib Bobat
06-12-2012, 09:52 AM
The following Dua could also be made to get married

رَبِّ إِنِّي لِمَا أَنزَلْتَ إِلَيَّ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَقِيرٌ "O Allah, indeed I am in need, for whatever good you would send down to me.

May Allah assist you and pave your forward to find your partner Aameen.

And Allah Knows best.

ML.Habib Bobat