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    Any suggestions for sex positions to try when pregnant. Things are just not comfortable in the bed

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    Pregnancy sex positions

    Salaam Iím also pregnant at the moment and hormones are making me far more desirous than hubby is
    Anyway, the positions that are working great for us are as follows:
    1. Me on top, straddling him. My stomach doesnít get in the way as long as I donít lean over too far and try and kiss him too much while weíre in this position
    2. Laying down sideways, spooning, with him entering (the halaal passage!) from the back. Heíll need to alter his position to get maximum penetration, he may need to be at more of an angle than just straight behind you.
    3. Doggy style. You kneel on all fours at the edge of the bed, have him stand on the floor or kneel on the bed and thrust from behind. Again, Iím obviously referring to the halal entry point.
    4. On a dressing table or table high enough for you to sit on the edge, and him be standing with your legs wrapped around his waist/bum.

    All the best with the rest of the pregnancy, hope for you to have a healthy and happy baby. aameen

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