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    not happy

    Slmz my hubby n I always fight a lot for every small things.I feel I don't have a say in my marriage,he does everytng,n he is controlling,he choose wat I must wear n even my kitchen utensils he chooses.I can neva buy my or kidz clothes coz he says my taste is ugly,all this mks me angry n I lash out! Wat do I do?y cnt I live my own life?he thinks he is alwys right! I also made plans n had dreams b4 getting married but all r shattered.

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    Walaikum Salaam

    When it comes to decision making there are 3 angles. Here are some tips to help you

    a.Halaal Haraam matters: wife intends doing something which is contrary to Shariah and the Husband is against it, then in this case the husband will be given preference.

    b.General matters: in this regard both must consult mutually and reach an amicable conclusion like holidays, eating out, luxuries etc.

    c.Women or men related issues: in this regard a women should have her own say for instance which Abaya to buy e.g. should it be Burberry, halter neck , Bahraini, Umbrella etc. in this case a women should decide not him. However do ask his opinion also.

    Likewise Same rule would apply for men related issues like what kind of Jacket it should be or Kurta for that matter etc. in this case also the wife’s opinion should also be sort.

    And Allah Knows Best

    ML.Habib Bobat

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