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Thread: Worried, it is a chore for her

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    Most Muslim men do not understand the importance of treating their wives fairly in sexual relations. Both men and women have equal rights. I suggest that you read and share with your spouses the advise of Shaikh Ahmed Kutty: http://askthescholar.com/question-de...aspx?qstID=331

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    I feel the same.. I am in the same situation.. Hubby is just not interested in having intercourse with me.. Not sure why... He always says he is tired. But he can watch tv and play ps till the early hours of the morning.. I also see that he gets his pleasures on his phone sadly...

    So I am quite sexually frustrated and i feel like having an affair.. I think about it all the time but then when i think of my kids, i feel so guilty. I would not ever be able to have an affair and face my kids.. and i am not willing to stoop to that level as it is not me.. so here I am, 26 years old and sexually starved while my husband pleasures himself on his phone in the bathroom rather than turning to his wife.

    Not that I am unattractive or fat or any of that sort of issues. I don't bother dressing up in lingerie anymore as I feel that I am "begging" and I dont wanna face the rejection and project by desperation by dressing up in sexy lingerie..

    Any advice from men out there would be appreciated.. Why does my husband prefer pleasuring himself with his phone rather than come to his wife?
    Most men have it the other way around. They want their wives and they get deprived. either force him to have sex with you by spicing things up or contact me

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    No my brother, donít heap blame on your wife alone. Take responsibility for it. If your wife finds sex as boring as vacuuming then ask yourself what had you done to make her feel that way. Intimacy begins in the wifeís mind. Leave little notes around the house where sheíll find it a day or two before. Doesnít have to be dirty. Just romantic. Touch her suggestively on a non-sexual part of her body (although in truth the womanís whole body can respond) like a 30-sec shoulder rub out of the blue and a tight squeeze After. Pinch her rear, have a naughty laugh and leave it be. Youíll find she will respond and will insist on dusting your table one of the nights. Come on. We men have to also take responsibility. You canít whip it out and assume she will just automatically respond.

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