Hi Dr Joy

I'm worried my son (6 1/2yrs) might have either on of these conditions. Could you please tell me the difference between these two conditions.

He has a few roundish rashes on one of his legs (on his shin and inner thigh) and a rash on one hip area. He has dry bumpy skin behind his ears (in the fold area where ear meets head) and inside one of his ears (just outside the canal) is starting to look dry and bumpy. He has a lot of small bumps around his mouth that look very dry, and a small rash on one of his eyelids. His hands an fingers also look rash and dry, especially on the palms and knuckles......but lastly I have noticed small little bumps on some of his nails (like someone has taken a pin a poked his nails) and under a couple of these nails there seems to be a few small red spots in the nail bed.

I am taking him to the dr, but just wanted to know what your thoughts were, I know u can't diagnose him without seeing him, but could you give me some insight.

I have been moisturising regularly and it does seem to be helping a little.

The rashes don't seem to be itchy.

Could you suggest any creams or vitamins that he could take/use or diet?

I'm really worried

Thank you