I have been married for 5 years and both my wife and I have been subjected to lots of abuse by my in-laws.
My father in law does not work and demands that things be done for him all the time without realising the impact it has on his children and their marriages
This has been an ongoing problem not only in my marriage but throughout my wife's life as he gets very agressive and abusive if things are not done in his favour

We have a 6 month old child and my mother in law is looking after my baby whilst both my wife and I are at work
My father in law barges into my home as he pleases and expects to be given breakfast/lunch/supper whenever he feels like it and throws tantrums and comes with lots of drama
I feel that this is truly unhealthy as it has really taken a strain on my marriage as my wife and I are constantly arguing based on the behaviour of my in-laws present in my home

We are considering getting someone responsible and reliable to look after my child

Are there any muslim day cares or nannies that are willing to raise my child for the next 6 months until my wife would be able to look after my child on her own?