Slmz. I'm married now for 7 months. Its been 7 months of hell! My husband and I fight all the time. My sister in law doesn't speak to me at all for no reason and she fones my husband constantly to ask where we are and what are we doing. My in laws treat my other sister in law like a queen, becos she sucks up to them so much. Yet I do so much for them. I'm tired of being in this unhappy situation. I want to read istighaara, but I'm not even sure that's allowed for divorce. I love my husband a lot, but its becoming unbearable. My in laws still think my husband is a child and they baby him so much yet his 33 years old. My other sister in law gets away with so much. She doesn't have to attend family functions or anything and yet they're so good to her. I'm on the verge of walking out becos I can't speak to my husband about any of this. He doesn't want to listen. I need to know, is istighaarah allowed for divorce?