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Thread: Keep trying and trying

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    What if you keep trying and trying and all your husband does is complain?

    he does not lift a finger in the house to make your life easy but is full of complaints. You as a working wife and mother is on your toes from 5 in the morning (sleepless nights with babies) and you do your utmost best and it still isn't good for your husband?

    He has ideas how you can be better but all he does is relax while you are working all the time i.e. work, household chores, children ?

    How would a good wife handle this without losing her self respect and maintaining respect for her husband?

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    let him how you feel and suggest getting a domestic helper.

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    thinking of you

    May Allah make it easy for you honey. Speak to your hubby. You are going to have a meltdown.

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    We aren't superheroes :(

    Oooh, I would be hopping mad. I am lucky, although we don't have kids, my husband was the eldest of 4 children, so he had to help clean, cook etc growing up. In that way he helps out around the house, sometimes he even does it all when I have to work late.
    You need to tell him in no uncertain terms how you feel. Communication is key, no yelling or shouting, don't insult him, tell him how you feel. Make him a list of things you would like him to help out with (do the dishes after dinner, cook on tuesdays etc). I have a recipe book where I write down instructions for my husband to follow. If he feels he is "above" helping with cleaning or cooking, then he needs to take care of the baby. We as women are amazing, unfortunately, we are not superheroes, and we also need help. He needs to get with the program!

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    I know how u feel, my husband is the same. No appreciation yet if his mother does something for him he will make as if she brought the moon down for him, yet if I do something special for him even ther is no appreciation n a dnt care attitude.I don't know why I bother but I do it for the pleasure of اللهُ . He sees it all and knows what is in our hearts and إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ will take us to jجَنَّة for that. Nothing we ever do for these ungrateful men will ever b good enough so turn to اللهُ who is watching

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    young muslimah

    I wouldnt really know what thats like but just speak to your hubby and inshallah everything will get sorted out..
    Plan like a romantic dinner, maybe he wants to feel spoilt? Who knows...

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