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    Please note that Surah Mumtahina is in the 28th para and not in the 30th.

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    miss :-)

    time will determine all

    InshAllah, may Allah swt grant all the single muslims with decent caring spouses which we are compatable with ameen.

    i am also in my 20's in the medical profession and unmarried :-(

    wish i had a companion to share my life with at this point in time.....

    dont worry, u are not alone.....may Allah swt accept all our duas IA

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    I'm also on the same boat...
    I really want to settle down

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    slms all you singletons,why is it that people look down upon us unmarried ladies who cannot find partners especially when we attend weddings or funerals. i am in the same boat and people always assume something is wrong with you or you just to fussy.i think that our generation of woman are strong and independent and we would like to settle down but our prospects are limited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Salaams can one please help with the english transliteration surah mumtahana in 30th para?a friend that's a revert is requesting this,and I do not want to write out the sura in case I write it out incorrectly.jazaks
    This website has translation (in different languages & with choice of translators) as well as transliteration & you can also listen to the recitation: http://quran.com/

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    Why the hurry?

    This always upsets me. I can understand being lonely and being ready to settle down, but I don't understand why as women society pressures us to get married in our early 20s. There is nothing wrong with us at 25 or even 28. We do not come with an expiry date!! They say men always want younger women, but what happens when you're 40, if you marry such a man when you are 22? You will no longer be young, will he not be tempted? Please please do not think there is something wrong with you if you are in your mid/late 20s and unmarried. It is better to be married to a good man later than married to just some guy when you are young. Use this time to be independent and learn something about life. We need more strong women in our society.

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