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Thread: Tubal sterilization

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    Tubal sterilization

    Hi dr Joy

    Is Tubal Sterilization reversible?

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    As surgery is out of my scope of practice, the only information I can give you is that which I found on the internet. The accuracy I am not certain of. There is a procedure called tubal reversal surgery, but the success of reversal depends on the type of ligation you had i.e. tying tubes together, rings or clips, burning or cauterization. Your healthcare professional will also assess the appropriateness of this surgery for you depending on your age, your overall health, whether you have been pregnant before and your health state during pregnancy, whether you had any surgeries for endometriosis, fibroids etc. good candidates for surgery are women under the age of 40, who have previously been pregnant, and had a part of the fallopian tube removed or closed with rings or clips.
    Dr Joy Saville
    BSc (CHS). BCM (UTM) Summa Cum Laude
    Unani-Tibb Medicine

    Always consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information to your own situation.

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