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Thread: Miscarriage

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    Slms nanima, ..I had a miscarriage few days back n sent in for dnc I was 22wks.. how many ladies experienced similar n how long did you wait to try again to conceive. . Was it easy to fall preg again was it a successful preg. .jzk for all the help n advice allah reward you. .

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    I had a d and c this year and my gynae told me to wait at least 6 weeks before trying again.I experienced on n off bleeding for a month after,so waited for abt 2 months before trying.don't stress urself in trying at the moment,I thought I was fine but didn't realise how emotionally affected I was.give urself time to heal.all d best!

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    الله is the Giver of Life

    Slmz Sister, just know that ur baby will drag you into Jannah by the umilical cord and it is الله's way of showing you that He loves u. I had the same experience. Lost my 1st baby at 16weeks and went in for a dnc. I refused any contraceptive and bled for 6 weeks after. I believed that when the time was right الله would bless me with another child. It just wasn't in my hands. And subhanallah, 3months later I got very sick and found out I was pregnant. All was fine but we still petrified to tell anyone and chose to keep it to ourselves till the 16week mark was over. It came and went with only the terrible nausea hampering me. I was still elated. N. Nothing could bring me down I had another baby growing inside me. . However @ 20weeks I started bleeding due to placenta preavia and was on strict bed rest and in and out of hospital. My son was born at 26weeks and stayed in the NICU for 2months to grow and get big enough to come home, no real complications shukr. Today he is almost 6 and healthy as ever, extremely intelligent and as any 6year old. And I had another pregnancy 2years later that was completely healthy, no complications and carried to term. اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه I am currently on pregnancy number 4 and sometimes I do get a little scared but at the end of the day always remember that everything is in الله's hands!!! He is the giver of life! He took our babies away for a reason and if I didn't loose my 1st little one I wouldn't have had my 2nd little one. I have never been on birth control in my life (and no, I'm not a moulanas wife,lol, I'm not even scarf) I just feel that no matter what I do if the child was meant to b concieved and born it will be! And all my kids were planned by الله in such a way where I could handle them, even though at times they drive me insane.

    May الله grant you children when He decides the time is correct, and may they be the coolness of yours n ur husbands eyes, and grow up to be flag bearers of Islam! آمــــــــــين!

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