From Mohamed Irshaad Vally:

Slms/Hi. Brrrrrrr....... Winter chills r here. Alhamdullilah we r so fortunate that we can keep warm in our homes n cuddle up under thick warm blankets but what about all those who r not so fortunate n who may die from exposure. We can make a difference in ensuring that no1 has 2 endure this fate. Donate a blanket 2day n keep some less fortunate soul warm. DONATE now and bring warmth n love to som1 n earn reward 4 ur generosity. Cost of 1 blanket is R70. Pls contact Irshaad on Cell: 079 497 3835 or Bb pin: 263C31E5 or Email: [email protected]. All those in lenz and lenzsouth area can contact Mumta on cell:0721295040. Or bb pin:26a107c5. Plc bc Jzk/Thanks Moe's Kitchen.

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