Noble sisters in Islam,whether you realize it or not,you are greatly indebted to your mother-in-law,and you are surely aware of the fact that dutifulness to her is as tiring as it is hard. You must bear in mind,however,that the husband you love and honor was raised not by you but by his mother.

She carried him in her belly for nine tiring months;then she experienced a great deal of pain during childbirth;then she fed him and took care of him,continuing to do so throughout his childhood and adult life.
She remained tired so that he could relax,remained hungry so that he could eat,and stayed up at night so that he could sleep. In short,she made all necessary sacrifices so that he could grow up and be a noble human being and a good husband;the fruits of her toil are there for you to enjoy.
Also,remember that from your husband's early childhood,his mother was waiting for you,longing for the day when her son would grow up and enjoy a happy married life. To be sure,mixed in that hope for a wife that would be compatible with her son,she was also hoping that that wife would be kind and respectful to her. Can you not then find it in you to live up to her hopes,nay,live up to your duties? May Allah guide you and protect you.

My believing sister,that a person loves for others what he loves for himself truly brings happiness,in this life and in the Hereafter. You hope to have children,and if you have a son,your hopes are exactly the same as those that your mother-in-law entertained for so long.
Help fulfill her wishes just as you long for yours to be fulfilled. And know that one of the greatest of rights that your husband has over you is for you to help him fulfill his religious duties,one of the greatest of which is to be dutiful to his parents,and to his other in particular.
You must remind him of his duty,and you must then help him fulfill it. If you help him in this regard,you will be blessed with having a husband whom Allah will then bless in his lifespan and in his sustenance.