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Thread: concentration in salaah

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    concentration in salaah

    Assalaamualaikum warahmatulaahi wa barakaatuhu
    Whilst reading salaah, I find it difficult to concentrate. My mind drifts a lot. I even tried reading slightly aloud so that I would concentrate. Is there something that one should think of whilst reading salaah? Or what should we concentrate on when readin salaah

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    Identify the factors that distract you in Salah, and then try to eliminate them. For example, if you are always distracted by the noise outside then try and find a spot where you can read Salah in peace with no noise and distraction.

    When standing in Salah, keep your eyes focused at the spot where you make your Sajdah. Abstain from looking to your right and left, or front.
    In the state of Ruku', the eyes should be looking towards the feet.

    Try and understand what you’re reciting. You don’t have to be a scholar to understand what you’re reciting. We should make the effort to understand at least some of what is read during Salah.

    For example, Surah Fatihah is something we all read during salah. This Surah is also fairly short and therefore not difficult to remember.
    Once we understand what we are reading during Salah, then we will find that sweetness obtained from Salah. Through understanding what we are reading we will be able to achieve concentration in Salah Inshallah.

    Also, understanding the different chapters and verses we read and their translation during Salah e.g. Surah An-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-‘Asr etc., is something that will allow us to achieve a better focused salah.

    And Allah knows best

    ML.Habib Bobat

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