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Thread: cheating hubby

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    cheating hubby

    Slmz nanima pls post as anon, weve bn married for 9yrs, and we have 3 kids, but my hubby is always missing in action, always has this or that business to see too, and never takes me or the kids wif, I found smses to and frm sumone I no to my hubby,while I was 8months pregnant,and there has been other tymz that I have suspected him of cheating, I don't trust him at all but I love and need him to support me financially so I cannot leave him, I now doubt everything he sez and does,cause I can never trust him agen, I check his fb,email,and bbm all the tym, its driving me crazy, pls can anyone advise me wat to do and how to move on!!! pls post as anon !!! Thank u

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    I assume of course that you have spoken to him about it? If you have not, I suggest you do. And perhaps get your in-laws or someone else to intervene on your behalf as well. I am not criticizing your life choices, I do not know your circumstances etc, but I think it is really dreadful to be financially dependent on a man. Because of situations like this, and men think they can do what they want because you can't leave. Sister, if you can get yourself a job, I would leave him. Make sure he pays alimony and child support. You cannot live in a marriage where there is no trust.

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