salaams please post as anonymous. im so fed up i really dont know what to do nemre,im married for 3 years to the only son. welive next to my in laws. my mil does not give me ne space. i feel like my newly wed days were doomed because of her she invades my privacy. i do understand i am a dil to her now but i am also her sons wife. im so sorry to say but shes always phoning hubby at the wrong time or knocking at the door at that time. its happened repeatedly so much so i dont feel like being initimate nemre because im so sure she will fil works on most weekends. i dont mind taking her with on one of the days to do her houshold shopping beause i understand she needs things. but she cums withus on sat and sun. not leaving us alone ever. so even we planning a supper for the 2 of us she will come wid and expect us to go home wen she wants. she doesnt give me space at home and niether does she give me space wen im out of the house. i cant have not a single moment without her intruding between me and my hubby.if she is walking past us and i say something (anything) to hubby or he says something to me she will walk in and ask what we talking about. is that even fair? its none of anybodys business about what we talk about. i have just had it. honestly my husband doesnt understand this he does get that i get annoyed but he doesnt say nething to her. i feel ike in this 3 years i havent spent the time i wudv like to spend with him because of her over noseyness and pushy nature. i feel like my newly wed days have slipped by. she wants to be apart of everything between us. it makes me so scared to think wat will hgapen wen we have kids (if we even get to it if she ever leaves us alone) because i know wid kids getting alone time is difficult. so it will be worst den. i jus cant take it nemre. advise pleasse. n no nasty comments