Salaams Nanima,I hope you or someone else can help me with much needed advice. I'm in my late twenties and leading a very successful career, Alhamdulillah. However, I would also like to start a family sometime soon. The problem I am experiencing is that I want to successfully balance my career and having a family, without the guilt! I would love to hear from other women in the same position as myself that have accomplished this. Ideally I would like to work half days with a Muslim nanny to look after my child from 7am to about 2pm. Is it possible to find reliable Muslim nannies? I can't seem to find any on the net in Jhb. I wish my parents lived in Jhb to help me, but unfortunately I am not that lucky! I do have my in-laws in Jhb but am not keen to have them staying with me to look after my children - I think it's an unhealthy situation. PLS can you or others offer some advice or tips. Other Muslim women that I have spoken to tell me that my priorities are all mixed up and that I should be a full time Mom. What exactly is the Islamic viewpoint on all this? The honest truth is that I do not have to work and my husband is able and willing to support me and a family. It is more for my personal well-being (i.e. I enjoy what I do) that i would like to pursue this route.JazaakAllah!